Code To Block Caller Id

Caller ID

Telephone subscribers can select to receive optional services from their telephone company. The services of interest here deliver information about the caller to the called party. For normal consumers, the caller's phone number is displayed on a special Caller ID device.

For businesses, the caller's phone number can be collected by a computer; the computer can pull up a customer file for the person answering the phone to review even before they answer the phone. Of course, business can store your phone number and transaction information for later use or for sale to other interested parties.

Blocking Caller ID

There are two ways to defeat the transmission of your phone number to called parties.

  • Call Blocking The first way is to block the transmission on individual calls. Typically by punching *67 (depending on your telephone company) immediately prior to dialing the remainder of the phone number, you can block the sending of your phone number to the called phone. You need to prefix the phone number with *67 each time you want to block sending your phone number to the called party.

  • Line Blocking By making a request to the phone company (in some places the public utilities commission) you can block the sending of your phone number on all calls. If you have line blocking, you may choose to send your phone number to the called party by typically punching *82. This unblocks "line blocking" for that call only.

When you dial (700), (800), or (900) area code numbers you are transmitting your own phone number to the called party. This is because a different technology is used, called Automatic Number Identification (ANI). Calls from a pay phone cannot be blocked. You also transmit your phone number when you dial the 911 emergency number.

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