Telecom Audit Can Lower Billing Costs

Why Conduct a Telecom Audit?

The simple answer is, a telecom audit can significantly lower your telecom billing costs.

Ever have a telephone salesperson call to switch phone service?

The truth is, a salesperson represents one company. Maybe Sprint, Verizon, or one of the "baby Bells." They will not assist you with a telecom audit. In fact, a telecom audit would likely not show them in a favorable light.

They'll try to sell the most profitable services their company has to offer.

On the other hand, I am affiliated with several dozen companies. I can conduct a telecom audit to find alternatives at a very competitive price.

I represent a variety of companies that offer a complete line of telecom solutions. These competitive companies provide a full range of telecom and communications services, including:

  • Local phone service
  • Long distance phone service
  • Low cost Internet access (around half the cost of AOL)
  • 1-800 numbers
  • Calling cards
  • Dial-around services
  • Voice messaging
  • Spamless email
  • Home security
  • Satellite TV
...and more.

As a telecommunications consultant, I can perform a telecom audit and offer many efficient solutions from the best companies.

Let's start simple -- A Small Business or Home

Telecom audit lowers billing costs

Examine several telephone plans that include long distance ( even including international rates) that will save you money in your small business, office, agency, church or home.

As telecommunications consultants, we don't push a single company's product line.

Simply enter a telephone number, minutes of use. View the best vendors for domestic or international calling.


Best Long Distance Rate Calculators

For a FAST and very EASY telecom audit for all of our long distance carriers - side by side - in your area, enter the following information. Click and save!


I represent the best, most cost efficient telecom vendors. Reduce your telecom bills and be confident with the more efficient service.

Have a small business? Please fill out our questionnaire so I can better understand your needs before we meet.

I would be pleased to visit your business and learn your telecommunication needs. I will consult with our experts to design the plan that efficiently and effectively meets your needs.

1010 long distance does NOT save you money

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